June 08, 2013

Defect Management

        Once the testing activity is over we will record all the discrepancies and errors identified during the test run. These observations are documented and sent for corrections or fixes. The errors identified are called as defects or bugs. The testing team will log those errors after completing the test cycle and they will categorise the Priority and Criticality of the defects. After this the defects are monitored till it is being fixed by the development team. This process of checking the defect till it gets closed is called defect management.
        The Key aspect of the defect management process is that to keep track on the bugs identified and ensure they are closed before the software is released. The defects logged are allocated with a specific time period to fix it called as Defect Life Time or it can be cut off time for the development team. The defects reported are closely monitored by the testing team and updates on them will be shared to the management team regarding the status. A typical Defect Life cycle in the image.

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